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Can you provide a source for how you know BYU's grades were no longer discounted and how this came about? I know, for instance, that Mary Ann Glendon is often credited with changing the policy, but when asked about it directly for a paper on Mormon's at HLS by Ryan Poulsen, she denied having anything to do with it.

Nate Oman

I may have heard it from Ryan Poulsen, but I recall hearing it from someone at BYU as well (although not the Glendon part). It sounds as though this may simply be another LDS urband legend. Was Ryan able to find out if the discounting story (as opposed to the Glendon story) was true? I always thought it made sense of the fact that there were lots of BYU grads at HLS, but few UofU grads.


Ryan told me that HLS (via admissions) denied that any change had been implemented--an answer he didn't believe given the sharp increase in BYU admits beginning in the nineties.

As for the reason behind the paucity of UofU grads? Isn't it obvious:)

Ryan Poulson

Joyce Kearl, the dean of admissions, told me that she had no knowledge of any policy change with respect to BYU.

She seemed very uncomfortable after I asked the question. I got the impression that it was a taboo subject. So, who knows. The data definitely suggests a policy change.

I think your perceived shift at Harvard is more representative of a nationwide shift away from radicalism than just an HLS shift. Go to Boalt today, you will be hard pressed to find any guerillas or brazen revolutionaries. No one is building a People's Park there these days either.

And it is Poulson not Poulsen.

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What kind of data did you have in mind?

And do you have a way to design its collection? It doesn't have to be perfect, but some thoughts would be good.

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